Rebalance and Harmonize your body/mind/spirit with sound.

Tuning into sound from a variety of instruments can help you deeply relax and rebalance your nervous system, calm your mind and reset your vibrational state into its natural well-being. Sound can act as a bridge for your reconnection with your own true nature, your joy.

Joy offers individual or group sessions, with sounds from Tuning forks, Crystal Alchemy and Tibetan singing bowls, voice and  percussion instruments.

Each session is uniquely given and received according to your present condition and intention. It is a gentle, non-judgmental and deeply relaxing experience.

Sound affects us at all levels of being, from physical, emotional, mental to spiritual. It can assist in release of blocked energy, pain, trauma and stress.

Qigong Master Mingtong Gu

Love is the healing power that is magnified with sound and clear intention. Each person receives whatever their system is ready to experience.

The sound bath was such perfect timing because I hadn’t been sleeping at all the past nights and was dog-tired. Your session really helped. I love how it feels like every cell becomes activated and singing with that flood of golden light.