March Equinox Blessing Chant and Soundbath

Thanks to all who participated in the World Sound Healing Day events. It felt so good for me to be able to share this with friends near and far, as well as with new people. There is power in us joining our hearts and voices together…so let’s do this some more!

I’m looking ahead to Spring Equinox for another group chant and sound bath.

We can bless the new seeds that we’re planting…both literally and energetically. What qualities do you want to grow this year? What new project, business, activity, health plan, new course, relationship or trip… are you planning this year? We can amplify your intention with our voices and with sound. If you do plant a garden, we can infuse the seeds with a loving intention for healthy growth and nutritious food.

Details: Monday, March 21, 2022.  10 am PDT on Zoom.

This will be a paid event, $25, and you will also receive a recording after that you can download and continue listening to when you want to.

You can send an e-transfer to spiralgarden@gmail.com. Put your name and email in the message so I can send you the link.

Or you can pay through the website on the shop page.

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