Private Sound Healing Session


This is a private session with Joy. We meet on Zoom for a gentle sound bath with instruments and voice.

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Individual sound bath session. Online through Zoom, live with recording sent after for more listening.

Relax in your favourite chair or on your sofa. Immerse yourself in the sounds of singing bowls, drum beats, gong sounds, chimes, shakers, flute and voice. We set up a safe space for you to relax, create a specific intention and let the energy do the work. Each session is unique.

The sound can assist in breaking up stuck energy, releasing trauma or buried emotions, relaxing the body and mind. As you open to the new energy, the old is released and the flow brings harmony and balance.

Participants report that they feel more relaxed than they have in a long time. For some, pain disappears; for others, they find new clarity about a situation; and some find themselves journeying into new experiences. Each session is unique and the energy will attune to what you need in the moment.

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  1. Angela S.

    “I was surprised and delighted at the physical impact of the healing sounds that Joy played in my session – even over zoom. Joy’s intuition is unerring – the vibrations of each instrument plucked at tensions and closely-held energy – and I could feel myself relaxing, opening and stepping forward into a more creative, flowing, way of being.” Angela S.

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