In the sound bath

You are already in the bath…

You are actually bathing in sound right now. We are constantly bombarded with sounds from our appliances, like fridges; our devices that ring and beep, traffic sounds, construction noise, airplanes overhead or boats passing by. If we tune inwards, we can hear our heart beating and even thoughts thinking.

All of these sounds are vibrations, energy moving at various frequencies. Some are audible and all are affecting our energy in some way.

You may also be responding to your moods and preferences by choosing to listen to some music to uplift your spirits or to calm and relax you in the evening. When you go to a music concert, you could say you are entering a sound bath as you walk into the concert hall (the container) and immerse yourself in music. The concert program may take you through several different emotions. You may feel happy and uplifted or inspired after this experience.

You can change your tone of voice to help someone else calm down. When a child hurts him or herself, you may put your arms around them and speak soothing words to help them through it.

When you laugh or cry, you may feel the vibrations of the sounds in your body, and also feel a release of tension as you express the emotion with your voice. When you go to a sports event you may be immersed in sounds from the crowd and may also participate with your own sounds. Emotions run high, as does the volume of the audible sounds.

It can be very helpful to start noticing how different sounds feel in your body and becoming aware of where you feel them and what effects they have. If you practice this in a mindful and non-judgmental way, you may find that you hear more sounds and are aware of a greater variety of sounds. Get curious about what you hear and feel. Then you can make more conscious choices about what sounds contribute to feeling good and that you want to fill your environment with.

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